Volume 1 Issue 1 [October – December 2022]

  1. Tedongmo Petseteye Christiane, Taxing Capital Gains From Shareholding In Cameroon Vis-À-Vis Double Taxation Of Corporate Profits [Download PDF]
  2. Mohsin Hingun, The Impact Of A Tax On Dividends And Its Incidence On Capital Gains Realisation In Relation To Taxing Capital Gains From Shares In Cameroon In Light With The Double Taxation Laws [Download PDF]
  3. Prof Handley Mafwenga, The Law, Compliance And Justice In The Tax System Of Tanzania [Download PDF]
  4. Gaston Luvakule, Tax Recovery In Tanzania [Download PDF]
  5. Shreya G, Analysis Of The Practice Of International Tax Evasion And Avoidance [Download PDF]
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