Quality Control Systems

Quality of Editors

Our editors, both internal or external, editorial or academic, are all required to closely adhere to publishing ethics, comply with standardized editorial and evaluation process. We only select widely recognized and leading scholars in the research community to join in our Academic Editor team. For transparency, all editors’ image, name, institute and position in the journal are listed on the page of Editorial Board. All their responsibilities are fully and clearly introduced at the very beginning of participation.

Quality of Reviewers

When selecting reviewers, we carefully check and make sure:

  1. the reviewers’ expertise is suitable for the manuscript;
  2. the reviewers’ research background is qualified to review the manuscript, usually, a PhD or LLM degree is necessary;
  3. the reviewers should have publishing experience in the same field;
  4. there is no conflict of interest between reviewers and the authors. We check every single reviewer before sending an invitation.

Quality of Peer Review

For The Law Brigade Journals, peer review is single-blinded, so that reviewers can comment straightforwardly; peer review is independent so that reviewers do not influence each other and can make the most objective recommendations. When reviewing a manuscript, reviewers are aided and guided by an online evaluation report system that covers all the key points that reviewers need to assess and comment. Peer review is supervised and review comments are checked by Academic Editors.

Quality of Editor Decision

Only external Academic Editor can make decisions. Academic Editor positions are voluntary and honorary. The number of accepted papers does not increase their income. Academic Editors are required to avoid conflict of interest with the authors. For transparency, Academic Editor’s name is listed on the papers that they accepted.

Quality after Publication

All The Law Brigade Journals publish in Open Access model, meaning that once a paper is published online, it is open to the public. Anyone can get access to the full text without any barrier so that they can check and re-examine the papers easily and freely. If there is any question concerning a paper, The Law Brigade Journals welcome comments and suggestions, or Letter to Editor. If there are serious legal or ethical concerns, we will start the investigation and take actions immediately; if proven, we will initiate correction or retraction procedure.


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